An innovative coaching company that empowers people to thrive

Cherry & the cake aims to empower Coachees to reconcile their aspirations & their actions to get a sense of fulfilment in their life.

Cherry & the cake is a coaching company which was founded by Matthieu Cousi, ICF certified professional Coach and which is rooted in the human values of sharing, evolution & realization.

Coaching by cherry & the cake

Make your dent in the universe

Develop your vision & connect to your own resources. Get to know yourself better to take new directions in life. Coaching is a journey that develops focus, awareness, motivation & responsibility, but most importantly happiness, self-esteem and a sense of thriving. Coach & Coachee are engaged in a relationship of equality, kindness and respect aiming to achieve the Coachee’s goals and life purpose.

Cherry & the cake various happily-minded solutions that range from 1-on-1 coaching sessions to workshops & programs (CLEAR). We are pionnering coaching-based innovation, as reflected by the recent co-founding of Luminous, a self- and peer-leadership coaching-based platform.

We collaborate worldwide with internationally-renowned and experienced Coaches and other inspiring people and organizations.

"If you seek the perfect moment, you are too late. The perfect moment is now."

Empowerment & capacities

You are the key

What do you want to achieve? What do you aim to improve? Who do you want to be? What if change was finally much closer than you think? Being a Coachee is about living and learning an outlook that creates new possibilities for imminent changes in life. This ability to evolve is rooted in each of us and awaits being unfolded.

Within Cherry & the cake, we believe each individual has the inner resources to take action and flourish, although sometimes, we may need some extra assistance to make change happen.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Concrete & positive

A resource to accompany change

Coaching is characterized by a relationship over a defined period of time aiming to achieve the Coachee's goals. The objectives defined at the beginning of the process are concrete, positive and motivating while adjustable through the process. At all times, the Coach uses their listening skills and capacity for reformulation, reframing and synthesis. They also shows creativity in their choice of coaching tools, which guarantees the efficiency of the process.

Cherry & the cake follows the International Coach Federation (ICF) code of ethics and continuously upgrades its core competencies to ensure quality, authenticity and efficiency. Beyond standards & techiques, we also believe that intuiton, compassion and love are driving forces to help humankind thrive.

“Wherever you go, there you are”
Jon Kabat Zinn

Your Coach

The cherry & the cake, it’s possible

As an individual, I strive to reconcile who I am & what I do and my professional & private life.

Holder of a Master's Degree in Neurobiology of Human Behaviors from Paris Diderot University and a Specialized Master of Medical Management from ESCP Europe, my studies and my professional career led me to take increasing managerial and strategic responsibilities in business. Thanks to these rich experiences, continuous analytical work for many years and finally a coaching process, I redefined my priorities and orientated my career according to my skills, my motivations and my values. I then chose a recognized pionneering coaching training by the Coaching Institute (IDC) in Geneva, accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

Since then, I have been committed to working towards democratizing coaching through innovative digital support. Luminous is the first of its class, a self- and peer-leadership coaching-based platform for thriving in life.

Today, I aim to empower individuals & organizations to embrace who they truly are. Why choose the cherry or the cake when you can have both.

“I don’t want the best for you. I wish for the best out of you.”
Matthieu Cousi. Coach and Founder of cherry & the cake

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